Tech 5 HR Advisory Services is your complete HR specialist, providing the right advice and HR toolset for every employment situation.

HR is at the heart of every organisation, and you need the best HR/Employment Law advice to guide you through every situation. We have our resident HR & Employment Law expert ready to give you and your business a Pulse Check, and to provide the best advice and recommendations to help you through any tough HR decision, including:

Employment Law Advice - Employment Law can be a minefield. Sometimes common sense doesn't prevail, and you deserve only the best advice and representation in this area. Whether you are an employer defending a claim from your current or former employee/s, or you're an employee who feels like you have been wronged, we will give you an honest assessment of where you sit and work out a way forward. Our Employment Law Specialist is one of the best and will guide you through those tough times and ensure you have the best chance in coming out the other end, at a cost far less than our competitors.

  • Employers defending a Personal Grievance or wanting to avoid one

  • Employees or former employees wanting to initiate a grievance

  • Wanting general advice on Employment Law Issues

  • Contracts

  • Policies

General HR Services - They say a good HR manager is worth their weight in gold. This is because they look after your company's most valuable assets - and the ones that probably cost you the most money. Tech 5 runs an on-call HR management service that, for a small weekly fee, provides phone access to an employment law and HR specialist. We can draft up employment agreements, policies, and other workplace documentation so that you don't need to worry about it. Also, as a recruitment company, we can take care of your recruitment needs to ensure you get the best staff available**

  • Performance reviews

  • Recruitment onboarding and offboarding

  • Employment agreements

  • Health and safety

**Recruitment services incur additional costs that can be negotiated.

Protecting Workspace Morale - Staff morale, or lack of it, can be the leading cause of high staff turnover. Low morale can be the result of a poor culture within the workplace, staff not being managed in a way that makes them feel appreciated, and other contributing factors. High staff turnover can be an expensive exercise, as costs for re-training new staff and ongoing recruitment can be astronomical. This can be avoided by knowing what your team is thinking about your business and understanding how best to ensure they are happy and engaged while at work.

We can come and give your business a “Culture WOF” to see where you sit in staff engagement, and how happy they are working for you. This involves conducting a culture survey, then spending some time with your staff to get a feel of what they are thinking and how best to extract their greatest potential. It may be hard, but the only way to turn staff morale around is knowing the why.

  • Ensuring staff are regularly communicated with

  • Keeping staff calm and not overreact

  • Reassure staff of the company situation

Complaints Investigations - As an employer, it's not uncommon to receive complaints or allegations within your organisation. What you do with these can be the difference between resolving matters quickly and fairly, or having a grievance laid against you, potentially costing you a lot of money defending your actions.

Our Employment Law Specialist is a former NZ Police Officer with years of investigation experience. Add those skills to his knowledge in employment law, and we have a winner! Whether it be a disciplinary investigation, investigating complaints from staff like bullying and harassment, or you have a suspicion you want to be investigated, this unique skill set will ensure you get the full information required to protect your business and your staff.

  • Complaints investigations

  • Disciplinary investigations

  • Bullying and harassment investigations

Team Restructuring - Making a decision to restructure your business and the roles/positions can be an emotional and challenging time for both employers and employees. There are also a number of requirements to tick to ensure you minimise your risks from employees challenging your process and, ultimately, your decision, which can potentially lead to costing the business thousands of dollars.

The trick is to ensure any process you use to get to a decision is fair and done in good faith. This means including your employees in the decision-making process. Sufficient consultation is often lacking in this process, and is the cause for many cases to be found unjustified or not "genuine".

That is why it is important to utilise an experienced industry professional to help walk you through the process to ensure it is fair and acceptable.
Our involvement could be as little as preparing all the documentation and providing advice around the process, or undertaking the process on your behalf in full. Either way, you can be confident to know we'll take care of your business as if it was ours, at a very reasonable rate.

  • Reducing staff hours

  • Moving staff to part-time contracts

  • Consulting with staff about options moving forward including leave without pay etc

  • Setting up working from home options

  • Enforcing leave provisions