Find a Temporary Workforce with Tech 5

Our dedicated consultants at Tech 5 are committed to working with you to find the right temporary employment fit for your site and business. We are proud to maintain one of the most extensive and skilled temporary work resource capabilities for employers in New Zealand, with local experts based in Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, and Christchurch. We have the temporary workforce available for hire to support your site or project, wherever and whenever you need a job done.

Why choose Tech 5 for temporary staffing?

At Tech 5, we believe in continuously upskilling our temporary workforce. We invest time and money into training and development, earning trust with many industry training providers. Our recruitment agency can offer skilled employees on a temporary basis at short notice to help drive your projects forward or on a longer-term basis including temporary to permanent roles.

A reliable way to find qualified temporary candidates

Our extensive market knowledge, temporary workforce pool, and consulting experience place us head and shoulders above the rest in delivering the temporary help that you need to fill the gaps and keep your business running.

Tech 5’s dedicated service helps reduce stress and save time, money, and resources by finding the best temporary staff available for hire to fulfill your needs. We check candidates’ employment backgrounds,  references and complete health and safety inductions, so your temporary employees are ready to hit the ground running from day one.

Our skilled temp workers

Hiring temporary employees for your business is an easy process that removes the stress of performing your own search for capable workers.

We undertake reference checks, drug tests, and face-to-face interviews for each potential fixed-term employee. This ensures they have the skills, training, and attitude to meet your job requirements.

In addition, the price of our service may cost you less than searching for a suitable candidate to hire as temporary staff yourself. Phone us for an estimate on hourly rates—we’ll help you find the right solution for your project, no matter your budget.

What’s the screening process for hiring a temporary worker with Tech 5?

We’ve spent years nurturing long-lasting relationships with skilled temporary staff so that we can provide employers with the best fixed-term employees to hire for temporary jobs to support their business.

Understanding the needs of your business

We listen to every client’s job needs and research - then, we deliver quality employees, on schedule, at the agreed pay rate, with no hidden contract requirements or costs. 

We understand that the needs of each employer are unique, which is why we take the time to learn about your business and job description requirements before we offer consultative and innovative fixed-term employee solutions.

Asking questions to make sure we find the perfect fit

When a potential temporary worker applies for a position, we review their application to determine whether they’re a good fit for the site, team and/or project you’re looking to hire for. We’ll confirm their eligibility to work in New Zealand and perform drug tests if needed. We’ll check references, licensing, and background information, and will also make sure that all temporary workers are up to speed with the physical requirements related to their job. 

Here at Tech 5, sending each temporary employee home to their family safely at the end of each day is hugely important to us. Whether it's construction, traffic control, or manufacturing, we share the risk management responsibilities with you, the employer, as our client. Therefore, our employee benefits include performing regular on-site safety checks, comprehensive health and safety training, and providing all relevant PPE (personal protective equipment) to employees as soon as they sign on with us.

Choose from a quality pool of temporary workers

Tech 5 is a trusted recruitment agency supplying skilled temporary staff to fill job requirements and support companies across multiple industries:

●        Construction, engineering, and electrical

●        Trades and labour

●        Transport, logistics, and warehousing

●        Manufacturing and processing

●        Corporate and commercial

We understand the importance of a great team

At Tech 5, we aim to connect you with the right temporary staff with the right company/site to get the job done. We know that the environment around jobs is often urgent. We search far and wide for the most suitable fixed-term employees for hire in the fastest time possible.

Common questions about hiring temp workers with Tech 5

Do you have reliable temporary workers?

We have a vast pool of temporary employees that are ready for jobs when needed. Our experienced consultants continuously build this pool to include workers with different skills, backgrounds, and abilities to suit all types of jobs. Our consultants use this pool to select the right person to support you and your team when you hire employees for your project or role.

Who organises the payment schedule for temporary workers?

Each employee is paid via our innovative payroll and timesheeting application, a process that works seamlessly for both you and your employee. Contact our team on 0800 825 111 for further details on this service. 

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