With Health and Safety at the forefront of every business's mind, we at Tech 5 believe in sending all of our workforce home safely after a hard day's work.

​As a company, we strive to be industry leaders and ensure our team are working on safe sites, be it construction, logistics, or manufacturing. We are proactive in working collaboratively with our clients in line with the shared duties requirements. We recognise that we work alongside our clients to share the responsibility for risk management, and we empower our team to have an active role in all aspects of Health and Safety.

We pride ourselves in doing the following:

  • A comprehensive job order is taken to ascertain all hazards and risks, and any specific client needs

  • A site assessment is done prior to a temp starting or within 48 hours of the start time

  • Follow up site assessments are conducted no later than six weeks apart, or sooner if the site hazards change

  • Candidates complete an in-house safety induction and questionnaire

  • A dedicated Triage line is available for all our workers to use after an incident

  • We undertake post-incident drug tests

  • For some clients, we run their safety induction before a temp starts to help speed up the onboarding process

  • We provide site safe/construct training and work with our clients if specific tickets/licenses are required

  • All practical PPE is supplied

  • We provide follow up candidate care to ensure the workers are happy and safe on-site

  • We work collaboratively with every company's H&S professional

Our Health & Safety Policy