Construction Jobs

The Construction industry encompasses a number of sectors, including residential, commercial, industrial, and civil disciplines. Nationwide projects commonly range from housing and roading to commercial developments and upgrading infrastructure.

Whether you’re an employer looking for that high-quality talent to join your crew, or a candidate seeking your ideal worksite, Tech 5 have the construction sector covered in New Zealand. We offer a range of construction jobs, including permanent, temporary and contract work. Explore new job opportunities in the civil construction and building sector and find the work that works for you. Our goal? Connect employers with the top people to fill these roles.

Finding a Construction job with Tech 5

Got trade skills and looking for construction work in New Zealand? Tech 5 can help you get the right construction job. People for construction jobs in New Zealand are in high demand, including:


●        Carpenters

●        Drivers

●        Digger operators

●        Formworkers

●        Drain Layers


If you’re already in the trade and keen to upskill, now’s a great time to search for that next job.

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Start your search on our Job Search page. Who knows, your new role may already be waiting for you! Sign up with Tech 5, and you’ll get company and industry updates, as well as the ability to save available jobs on your profile. Search our current openings for construction jobs for more details on specific jobs:


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Construction jobs in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, and more NZ regions

Building and construction engineering jobs are in demand across New Zealand. Residential building work is creating new job opportunities for those in the trade and people in related roles. With recruitment consultants across the country, Tech 5 can help you find construction jobs in all the main centres of New Zealand.

Looking to fill construction vacancies in your business? Tech 5 can help.

Changing market conditions can make it hard for employers in the construction industry to plan their recruitment needs. Project-based work means the number working on any given day can fluctuate spending on the job at hand. We help smooth out these labour demands for employers, delivering a just in time workforce to help you meet that due date and get the job finished on time.


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