Interview Coaching

Your Guide to a Winning Interview

Be Prepared

This will greatly enhance your chances of success and you will feel more relaxed during the interview.


Find out all you can about the company. Ask your consultant questions and do your own Internet research etc as well.

Know what it is that they do, what they sell and where they are located.

Make sure you are on time (just a few minutes early is ideal).

Know where your interview is to be held and even go there the day before so you are familiar with its location and where to find a car park etc.

Find out the full name of who is interviewing you and how you pronounce their name.

Make sure you have reviewed your resume and can answer obvious questions that may arise.

Interviewing works both ways so have some questions to ask them.

Be prepared to answer their questions.

Dress Standard and Approach

Smart is good! Groom yourself well.

Maintain good eye contact and meet with a good handshake.

Don’t slouch or be too casual.

Don’t drift off on a tangent and don’t be too lengthy in your response to questions.