Brett Bothma Tech 5 ironman

Our Tech 5 Ironman Update


Latest update from Brett Bothma, who is training to compete in an Ironman competition to raise money for Cure Kids.

Brett is a director of Tech 5 and with the support of the company and fellow directors, Ben Allen and John Wyatt, Brett is going to compete in the Iron Man New Zealand 2017 and raise money for Cure Kids.

Brett is wanting to raise at least $3000 for Cure Kids.

Brett Bothma Tech 5 Ironman Update Training

Training is going very well, I have had a few small injury setbacks but nothing that has caused too much concern.

I have been using an awesome swimming coach from Aqua gym here in Christchurch called Amy Naylor who has helped me heaps the past 2 months and I am now able to swim on my back and resemble some sort of a swimmer.

The road is still long and I have a lot of technique still to learn!! It makes a big difference feeling comfortable in the water and I feel like the swim is not that daunting anymore.

I have also managed to get one of the best Iron Maiden coaches (Iron Maiden = first time Ironman athlete) Pat Te Kahu. Pat is going to guide me for the next 9 months as a personal coach. Pat has many years’ experience as a coach and has taken part in the Taupo Ironman himself, so no better man to teach me the ropes.

It’s winter in Christchurch now so the days are shorter and colder but the motivation remains high and now I am starting to think of realistic goals.

More updates soon.

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