Success For Tech 5 Ironman Brett Bothma

There was success for both our Tech 5 Ironman Brett Bothma and for Cure Kids at this years Ironman New Zealand competition.

Brett had been training for the last year to compete in the Ironman and to raise a significant amount of money for Cure Kids.

Brett shares his story of how the Ironman New Zealand 2017 race day went.

irstly I would like to thank everyone who donated to my Cure Kids page we raised close to $4k!!


Tech 5 Ironman Brett Bothma

Swim stage

The day started very windy, with a significant chop on the lake. This turbulence made conditions very tricky to swim in. Rumour has it that 100 athletes did not make a start, due to bad weather and a further 70 we picked up along the swim course due to illness, etc.

I must say being a novice swimmer it was extremely challenging. I had to stop twice to burp and avoid throwing up from sea sickness. Battling on, I completed the 3.8km (or 4.2km) swim and headed to the bike feeling a bit green but happy to be on dry land.

Bike stage

The first bike leg was great due to a tail wind. However, we all knew that meant a head-on wind for the return leg. In total, we rode into a head wind for 90km of the 180km even the Pro athletes felt it!! By the end, our legs were shredded by the wind, and we were all happy to get off the bike and tackle the marathon.

Tech 5 Ironman Brett BotmaMarathon stage

The marathon stage was the toughest part of the day and took me just over 5 hours to complete. The Taupo fans were outstanding, lining most of the course to cheer us on. Running deep into one of the suburbs the locals had beat boxes, bbq’s and street parties to keep us going. I was offered many beers and wished I could have a cold Corona!!

On the second loop of the run, I had reduced to nearly a walking pace, and my support crew was MIA (watching cricket in Lonestar bar). Fortunately, Kirsten saw me coming and yelled out to the kids and Jolandie. My wife Jolandie immediately came down and encouraged me on for about 500 meters as I was in a dark space and needed and an ear to bend. Then about 2 km down the track Ben emerged to cheer me on and give me much needed support. Soon after this Simon and John also provided the same. Combined this gave me a much-needed lift, and I managed to keep on running/fast walking!

On the final lap the boys joined me again, and at this stage, I knew I was going to make it. The last lap was a blur and all I remember was coming into the finish chute feel fresh and happy! High 5’s all round down the chute and to finally hear Mike Riley (the voice of Ironman) say Brett Bothma you are an Ironman was incredible!

I am sure my support crew and my family are stoked this is all over. They have had to put up with me over the past 12 months talking about cadence, swim stroke, and nutrition. Once again thank you all for your support it has been much appreciated.

Swim, Bike, and Run ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!

Brett Bothma Tech 5 ironman

For your info an Ironman is a 3.8km swim, 180km bike and 42.2km run all in one day!

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