Candidate Testing

Tech 5 – Candidate Assessment Services (CAS)

Tech5 is pleased to be able to provide online Candidate Assessment Services (CAS).

Through our provider, who is a leader in talent and career management, we are able to bring a total CAS package that will ensure that you find the right fit for your organisation. The duration of these tests are relatively short and results can be provided to our clients within 48 hours of the tests being completed.

Assessment Services Available via Tech 5

Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ)

This will provide prospective employers with a comprehensive picture of candidates and their likely fit for the role. It looks at an individual’s likely team impact, and then gives an outcome against key universal competencies, allowing space for decision makers to consider what might be essential to the role. It also offers key strengths, average indicators and likely weaker areas, particularly in a team context.

Verbal Critical Reasoning

The questions asked address a broad range of verbal analysis skills such as summarising, drawing appropriate inferences and logical reasoning. This test assesses an individual’s ability to understand and interpret complex written reports and policy documents. While this test is a measure of reasoning ability rather than educational achievement, a person’s score on this test will nonetheless reflect a measure of educational achievement.

Numerical Critical Reasoning

The Numerical Analysis test measures the ability to interpret and use complex business-related numerical information. This test is particularly useful in assessing a manager’s ability to identify trends across a wide range of data or combine statistics from different departments to establish new information.

Abstract Critical Reasoning

This test measures reasoning with diagrams and requires the recognition of logical rules governing sequences. People who perform well on this test will have a greater capacity to think conceptually as well as analytically. In general, the higher the score, the better for strategic roles or positions requiring conceptualising. For operational roles where problem-solving is based on precedent, lower levels can be quite acceptable.

Cost and Structure of Assessment Services

The testing can be tailored to your requirements. A certified testing practitioner is part of our service. They will be able to provide a report related to your company’s position description and consult with both the candidate and prospective employer about the results.

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