Construction Recruitment To Stay In High Demand - Auckland Unitary Plan

Construction Recruitment To Stay In High Demand

Construction recruitment in NZ will become even more in demand with the recent release of the Auckland Unitary Plan.

Resourcing talent across all areas of building and construction will potentially become even harder with the increased development proposed.

Christchurch is still working through major construction on dozens of commercial projects. There are in fact still quite a few large projects in Christchurch still to get underway. This means demand for construction resource in Christchurch will still continue for many more years.

Identified in the Auckland Unitary Plan is the huge increase in housing development requirements. This is set to double to over 420,000 dwellings over the next 24 years.

Latest statistics show that in the first quarter of 2016 Auckland had 2,232 building consents passed. This is a general indicator that this is well below the volume of development required to meet the new target. The new target being just over 17,500 a year required. Even with this existing lower volume of consents resource is already stretched.

With other regions across New Zealand also growing this provides a very positive outlook for all those in building and construction industries. However with opportunities also comes challenges and recruiting good resource to meet these growing requirements will not be easy. The usual rules of supply and demand will never be more evident than in the years ahead.

For businesses in building and construction, having good and strategic relationships with sound construction resource providers will be critical. This will provide continuity of skilled human resource to keep pace with the building and construction demands and reach required development targets.

Auckland’s Unitary Plan is about to be rolled out and construction resource demand is already soaring across New Zealand.

Tech 5 director, Brett Bothma, believes those construction recruitment businesses with proven track records are well placed to deliver the required resource for these future demands. This is never more evident for Tech 5 Recruitment, who are a multi Deloitte Fast 50 award winning recruitment company. On top of this, Tech 5 are also positioned as one of the largest specialist resource providers to the construction industry in New Zealand.

Construction recruitment is all about experience and consistent delivery of resource. Partnering with a construction recruitment provider with these credentials is a must for any building and construction development business in New Zealand today.

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